National Heritage of Korea
World Heritage
Cultural Properties Administration

National Cultural Heritage includes:
   - Changdeokgung, Hwaseong
   - Seokguram, Bulguksa, Jongmyo
   - Tripitaka Koreana at Haeinsa Temple
   - Gyeongju Historic Areas
   - Gochang, Hwasun, & Ganghwa Dolmen Sites

Memory of the World includes:
   - Hunminjeongeum & Joseonwangjosillok
   - Jikkksimcheyojeol & Seungjeongwon Ilgi

Oral & Intangible Heritage of Humanity includes:
   - Jongmyo Jerye & Jongymyo Jeryeak.

National Cultural Heritage Restoration includes:
   - Stone Pagoda & Palace

Overseas Heritage

Search Section  includes:

General Education Plaza

Professional Plaza

Exploring of Cultural Properties

Cyber Tour into Cultural Properties

Cultural Properties Tour Map
Exhibition Rooms
Gyeongju National Museum

Prehistoric & Proto-Three Kingdoms Period Artifacts includes:
   - Neolithic Age / Bronze Age
   - Early Iron Age / Proto-Three Kingdoms Period

Arts & Crafts includes:
   - Art of Sarira Reliquary
   - Funerary Urn of the Unitied Silla
   - Hwangryongsa Temple Sites
   - Silla Tiles / Buddhist Sculptures of Silla
   - Twelve Zodiac Figures
   - Stone Monuments of Silla

Gakeun Collection includes:
   - Stone Implements / Bronze Implements
   - Potteries / Harness / Ornaments / Weapons
   - Roof Tiles / Bricks
   - Buddhist Objects of Craftwork

Artifacts from Ancient Tombs
   - Tombs in the Wolseong-ro Area
   - Cheonmachong & Geumgwanchong Tumulus
   - Seobongchong & Hwangnamdaechong Tumulus
   - Tombs in the Gyerim-ro Area
   - Tomb of Yonggang-dong
   - Personal Ornaments of Silla
   - Cap of Silla / Pottery of Silla

Artifacts from Anapji Pond includes:
   - Metal Objects / Buddhist Images
   - Wooden Objecs / Lacquerware
   - Stoneware Vessels / Iron Objects
   - Tiles / Miscellaneous Finds

Exibits on the Museum Grounds includes:
   - Divine Bell of King Seong-deok
   - Buddhist from Janghang-ri
   - Seated Buddha from Yongjang-gol
   - Buddha Head from Cheolwa-gol
   - Stupa Parts with Dvarapala
   - Pillars with Lohans
   - Dvarapala Pillars from Ha-dong
   - Stupa from Goseonsa Temple Site
   - Stupa from Seungso-gol
   - Stele Pedestal
   - Stone with Lion & Peacock Desings
   - Stone Lantern & Water Trough

Hahoe Mask Museum includes:
  - Hahoe 9 Masks
  - Byungsan 2 Masks
  - Phrenological Viewpoint
  - Legend & Batchelor Huh
  - Korean Masks
  - What is Mask?
  - Hahoe Pyulshingut Mask Drama
  - Pictures Catalog Exhibited
Traditional & Modern Dialogue
Samsung Foundation, includes:
  - Heritage Art
  - Korean Modern Art
  - International Modern Art
  - Preserving Cultural Artifacts
  - Collections

Conservation of Cultural Properties
Ho-Am Art Museum, includes
  - General Informaiont
  - Metal Objects
  - Ceramic Objects
  - Korean Paintings
  - Oil Paintings
  - Analytical Research

Exhibition Space, Yeungnam
University Museum, includes:
  - Cyber Gallery
  - Planning Exhibition
  - Art Space
  - Outdoor Exhibition
  - Folklore Garden
Horim Museum

Archaeology Gallery

Ceramics Gallery

Metal Art Gallery

Paintings & Book Gallery

Cyber Gallery
Independence Hall

National Heritage

Nationalist Movement

Japanese Agression

Independence Movement

Independence War

Provisional Government 1

Provisional Government 2

Circle Vision Theater

Outdoor Exhibition
About Jikji
Jikji Pavilion

Introduction to Jjkji includes:
   - Name of Jikji / Author of Jikji
   - Structure & Contents of Jikji
   - Person, Printed Jikji with Metal Type
   - Story, How Jikji been Kept in France
   - Descovery of Jikji

Printed Book of Jikji includes:
   - Metal Printed Book / Xylographic Book
   - Hand Transcribed Book

Restoration of Jikji Type includes:
   - Selection of Type & Manufacture
   - Type Attachment
   - Manufacture of Prototype Type
   - Completion of mold Frame
   - Pouring of Melted Steel
   - Separation of Type / Form

Gutenberg's Metal Type includes:
   - Gutenberg
   - Motive of Metal Type Invention
   - Gutenbergs Fourth-Two Lined Bible
   - Influences of Gutenberg's Metal Type

UNESCO & Jikji includes:
   - World Cultural & Natural Legacy
   - World Registered Legacy
   - Jikji, the World REgistered Legacy
   - Interview

Value of Jikji includes:
   - Value of Jikji
   - Creation of Jikji Culture

Cultural Event includes:
   - Instruction Pavilion for Old Printing Culture
   - Jikji Opera / Jikjji Documentary
   - Jikji Character Street
   - Jikji Cycle Contest
   - Campaign for Recovering Jikji

Exhibitions & Collections
Kyonggi-Do Museum

Exhibitions includes:
  - Special Exhibitions
  - Permanent Exhibitions
  - Virtual Gallery

Collections includes:
  - Archaeology & Art
  - Documentary Materials
  - Folk Customs
  - Painting & Calligraphy
  - Donated Relics

Korean Heritage
Ministry of Culture & Tourism


Tripitaka Koreanan Woodblocks

Bulguksa Temple & Seokguram Grotto

Changdeokgund Palace


Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon

Gyeongju Historical Areas

Dolmen Sites

Hunmin Jeongeum


Buljo Jikji Simche Yojeol & Seungjeongwon Ilgi
Korean Life History
National Folk Museum of Korea

Sound of Ancient Korea

Face of Korean

Life in Pre-historic Period includes:
   - Life in Pre-historic Period
   - Living Culture of Bronze Age
   - Life of Buried in Daho-ri Tomb

Three Kingdoms Period includes:
   - Nation Founding Mythologies
   - Clothes of Three Kingdoms
   - Tomb of Baekje King, Munyeong
   - Baekje Jesa Site
   - Silla Glass & Metal Art
   - Gyeongju, Capitala of Silla

Gaya Kingdom includes:
   - Armored Warrior
   - Iron Mill & Blacksmith's Shop

Balhae Kingdom includes:
   - Forgotten Kingdom, Balhae

Goryeo Kingdom includes:
   - Celadon in Korean Ceramic Development
   - Embodiment of Korean Aesthetic Sense
   - Korean Celadon in World Ceramic History
   - Decoration on Korean Celadon
   - Early Printing in Korea
   - Development of Woodblock Printing
   - Movable Metal Type Printing

Joseon Kingdom includes:
   - Creation of Hangeul
   - Science & Technology

Exhibition Rooms
Incheon City Museum

Prehistory-Koryeo Period

Chosun-Modern Period

Calligraphy, Paintings, & Books

Exterior Exhibition Field

Cyber Galleries
National Museum of Korea

Buddhist Statues Gallery

Metal Work Gallery

Art Gallelry

Historical Material Gallery

Sujeong Memorial Gallery

Dongwon Memorial Gallery

Iuchi's Donation Tile & Brick Gallery

Goryeo Celadon Gallery

Joseon Buncheong Ware Gallery

Joseon White Porcelain Gallery


Prehistoric Gallery

Proto Three Kingdoms Gallery

Goguryeo Gallery

Baekje Gallery

Gaya Gallery

Silla Gallery

Outdoor Exhibition

Botanic Garden of Traditional Dyes

Special Exhibitions

Special Exhibition
Korea University Museum

Frangrance of Ink

Exploration of Modern Korean Art

2000 Masterpieces

Namchang Son Jin-Tae's Life & Studies

Choson Dynasty Documentary Painting
Folk Paintings

Korean Traditonal Painting

Korean Tradition Paintings

White Porcelaine

Arts of Korea

Mok-A Museum Exhibition

Korean Tradition

Cyber Museum
Hanyang University

Paleolithic Industry

Neolithic Culture

Bronze Culture

Early Iron Age & Hachon-ri Site

Proto-Three Kingdoms Culture

Pottery 1


Isongsansung, Mountain Wall

Pottery 2

Chasan-ri Excavation

Metal Craft


Best Collection 30

Excavation of Archaeological Sites

Cyber Museum Navigation

VRML Museum

Korean Folk Collection
Korean Folk Village

Traditional Houses includes:
  - Southern Part / Central Part
  - Northern Part / Islands Part

Education & Administration
  - Education / Household Goods

Livelihood & Handicrafts
  - Livelihood / Household Goods
  - Handicrafts
  - Traditional Marketplace
  - Korean Herb Drug Store

Religion & Ceremonies

  - Folkbeliefs / Ceremonies

Festivals & Entertainment
  - Farmer's Music & Dance
  - Traditional Mask Dance
  - Entertainment
  - Acrobatics on a Tightrope
Gallery Information
Daegu National Museum

Archaeology Gallery includes:
  - Palaeolithic Culture
  - Neolithic Culture
  - Bronze Age Culture
  - Early Iron Age Culture
  - Proto-Three Kingdoms Culture
  - Silla & Gaya Culture

Art History Gallery includes:
  - Buddish Culture
  - Buddhist Sculpture of Korea
  - Buddha Statues
  - Goryeo Celadon
  - Buncheong Ware
  - Jo Seon Period Porcelain

Traditional Fork Life Gallary
  - Seonbi Culture
  - Traditional House
  - Beliefs & Rituals

Outdoor Gallery includes:
  - Five Storyed Stone Pagoda
  - Temple Banner Staff

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